- Kimberly Brown

Over the years, I have developed a keen ability
to “read the landscape,” bringing forth the story of a place and seeing the potential possibilities.
   I listen to my clients and the land.
 I can meet you at whatever level of experience you are at. Wherever you come from.
I am excited to help you get "out there" and connect with the earth.

My work is fueled by my

Love of Nature

My "Here We Grow" Vision
  • Inspire people to enjoy gardening

  • Help my clients feel                   confident and motivated

  • Bring permaculture concepts to every day people  

  • Help people move                       from vision to action

  • Help people                          connect with the earth

  • Show up as an ally                    and a resource for my community

  • To Help more people live a regenerative lifestyle

  • To distill and distribute my wisdom and experience to help the world to be a better place 

  • Be a voice for mama earth

.The skills I share with my clients are unique.

  • I have spent my life working outside tending gardens 

  • My textbooks have been watching the seasons and harvesting many lessons from life. My teacher has been mother nature.

  • For the past 26 years I have supported myself as a biodynamic farmer,       living a homesteading lifestyle,                                                              offering real life-permaculture education to the public,                                produced seed crops and market produce,                                              planted orchards and food forests and pollinator habitats,                      raised many animals and  a couple farm raised human babies,                       and I have perfected the art of eating home-grown food year ’round,

  • I delight in bringing back depleted landscapes to beautiful thriving vitality.

  • I combine beauty and practicality with the grace of a feminine touch

  I am one of those rare people who have actually lived permaculture,                                                                                                            the “on the ground, hands dirty” kind of permaculture, not so much the classroom style.

 In 1995, I co-created Seven Seeds Farm in Williams, Oregon with my former husband Don Tipping.

Together we turned a dilapidated homestead into a thriving example of “Permaculture In Action.”

  Seven Seeds Farm is a unique combination of a permaculture demonstration site, seed business, a profitable, biodynamic farm and a renowned internship program. Seven Seeds is a hub for hands-on educational opportunities, farm tours, and community events.

  I have been out  there "doing it"....in the rain fixing ditches, thigh deep in a frozen creek to fix the water line, slug hunting in the dark by headlamp, midwifing our sheep with my baby on my back, dancing with corn, toting our wares to the farmers market, grazing on fresh picked food for lunch, chasing ducks out of the kale, saving the peaches from the possums and finding new ways to eat frozen potatoes,

I love to look around and use materials that are already on-site before buying new things.

My favorite projects are the ones that flow, when we can sense we are working with Mother Nature and everyone is working well together.