I offer garden coaching sessions for people who want to learn by working

in their own yard, at their own pace!

Expand your confidence with your green thumb.



Let’s get growing!

Having a garden coach is like having a personal private tutor in your garden.

We can meet for just one session, or schedule regular sessions.

I have made many mistakes in my own past. Thankfully I have also learned many lessons. Perhaps I can share with you some of the lessons without the mistakes.

Is your intention to have a year round vegetable garden and eat homegrown food most every day? This is my favorite!


What Does a

Garden Coach Do?

You’ve heard of people using Career Coaches, or a Fitness Coach or a Personal Chef, Right?

Your Personal Garden Coach is there to cheer you on to expand your garden skills and support you to enjoy your garden time more.

We work together on whatever you want to work on.

Our garden experience can be both productive and educational.



  • Where do I start?

  • I am overwhelmed with all the weeds

  • Can you teach me to prune and cut back my plants?

  • I Need help dialing in my watering system?

  • When and how do I fertilize?

  • I got a really neglected yard or orchard. Help

  • Where is the best place to get  supplies?