Landscape and Garden Consultation

Top 5 questions my clients ask:

  • What is possible on their property?

  • Where should they begin?

  • What are the steps and time frame to move towards their goals?

  • Where should I plant the fruit trees?

  • Are their ideas realistic?

A Consultation can help you bring your vision

for your property to life.

Often my clients have an idea of what they would like to create with their property,

or an image of the garden they dream of,

but do not have the clear vision or skills

to move forward with confidence.

I can share with you my insights on

how to retrofit your site to become

the ecological homestead you envision

and realistic steps to get there.

I can help you make a plan to produce enough food

to feed yourself for most of the year

or just get started with a small garden area.


What is a Site Consultation?:

During a site consultation I will visit your property and offer all my attention to you and the land for the agreed upon time.

I hope to help you become more connected to the landscape and give you information to become more confident to move forward with your future projects.

We will walk and discuss together design suggestions that fit who you are and what is appropriate for the site. Using the tools of permaculture and my wisdom gathered from decades of working intimately with the land, I will offer what comes to mind.

I specialize in my "keen vision" 

I love to play the game of "If this was my property..."


Examples of elements that might be considered for your site:

  • How to be nourished by a year round fruit and vegetable garden                        

  • How to retrofit your property to be more productive and efficient                       

  • How an attractive landscape can also be edible and medicinal

  • How to create more privacy                                                                                         How to restore fertility and build soil health

  •  Learn the components of a drought-proof landscape                                

  • Determine the best method of irrigation for your specific situation                  

  • Create Pollinator Gardens and Habitat for Beneficial creatures                           

  • How to manage rainwater – address drainage and water harvesting                     

  • How to utilize wastewater with a greywater system                                                

  • How to reduce imported energy use and lower your “ecological footprint”         

  • Learn basic saving seeds from your own garden                                                  

  • How to pace oneself – not overdo it                                                     

  • Implementation timetable – the potential steps

I offer both a Consultation service and a Property Assessment Package.The Site Consultation service I offer is based on an hourly rate; the Property Assessment Package has a flat fee that includes several additional components.

With a property assessment, we both prepare a bit for our meeting beforehand. For a property assessment,

in preparation for our meeting, I will draw an overhead base map of your property and bring copies to use for design sketches. Also I will ask the client to complete a Homework Questionairre, which I will review before our meeting.

If you feel your needs will be met from the less expensive, stand alone site visit, feel free to choose a Consultation. (see rates)


What is the difference between a Property Assessment

and a Site Consultation?

For Larger Properties, Rural Land or Farms


  • Planning for resilience

  • Where to situate a home and other buildings

  • Earthworks – Where to place roads, fences swales, pathways and ponds

  • Where to place orchards, pastures, gardens, row crops etc.

  • Select plant species for your situation and preferences

  • What livestock options best fit your property

  • Identify income generating possibilities

  • Design a food forest

  • Land restoration techniques

  • Wildlife habitat regeneration

  • How to establish or increase your harvest yield

  • Identify potential ways to generate income

  • Determine the best crops for your site