Another Lawn Gone!


Hey, what happened to the old biz

 In 2017, in order to offer a wider range of services, we changed our business name from "Lawn Gone" to

"Here We Grow".

Lawn Replacement is one of the services offered by Here We Grow. 

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What is Sheet Mulching?

Sheet Mulching is a

simple ecological method of lawn replacement ,as well as

an effective way to smother

undesirable weeds and grasses.

Sheetmulching composts the lawn

in-place and creates a

fertile, plantable area for new plants.



Sheet mulching is the application of layers of cardboard and organic materials

directly on top of the earth.

The "Sheet" is the Cardboard and

the "Mulch" is the Organic Material.

  For Lawn Removal, Sheet Mulching is used to smother the Lawn

by depriving the grass of light.

The lawn actually is not removed but decomposes under the mulch.

By leaving the organic matter

right where it is,

we eliminate the task of having

to pull the out and haul the lawn away and add organic matter for planting.

The existing lawn that is layered with organic materials, create a beautiful fertile planting bed made right there on top of the decomposed lawn.

Ready For Your Lawn to Be Gone?
Join the Un- Lawn Movement!

Our Lawn Replacement project
paid for itself in just 6 months!

We totaled up our expenses:
* Much Lower water bill                                        * Don’t need the mow and blow guys anymore
* Received a rebate check from the city

"We smile every time we open the front door!"

-Our Happy Clients

How long does it take?

It takes about 3-5 months for the Lawn to be Gone!
Fall /Winter /the wet season is best time to sheetmulch,
Fall Sheetmulch is ready to plant in the spring.
Sheetmulching in the Spring/ Summer works too
as long as the sheetmulch stays wet
Spring/ Summer Sheetmulchwill be ready to plant in the fall.

How Much Material does it take to sheet mulch my lawn?

To Sheetmulch 700 sq ft -you need:
4 yards compost
6-8 yards -mulch- woodchips
150 staples
½ van of cardboard

Steps for Sheet Mulching a Lawn

Step 1

Freshly moisten the lawn area
and say goodbye.
Moisture is necessary for the decomposition process

Step 2

Prep the Edges. Remove border of lawn by hand to ensure the entire lawn is under the sheet mulch. It is important that the lawn does not “peak” out of the edges.

Step 3

1st Layer -Spread Compost. Rake it smooth. The compost speeds the decomposition process and adds fertility to the new planting area.

Step 4

2nd Layer – Cardboard. Use landscape staples to hold down the edges.
Overlapping is better than “underlapping”.
Be sure there are no gaps or holes in the cardboard.

Step 5

3rd Layer – Mulch Material.
Start at farthest point from sidewalk
Thick layer: 4- 8 inches thick spread on top of Cardboard.
Raked really smooth.

Step 6

Hose down the mulch material with a firm spray. Keep the mulch moist while the lawn decomposes.