A Property Site Assessment Package is a more comprehensive consultation service.

For Homeowners wanting to make the most of our time together when we meet,

I suggest the Site Assessment Package.(see rates and differences)

A property assessment has the same components that are included the standard Consultation.  However, with a property assessment we both prepare a bit for our meeting beforehand.

In preparation for our site visit, I will draw an overhead base map of your property and bring copies to use for design sketches. Also I will ask the client(s) to complete a Homework Questionairre, which I will review before our meeting. This is especially helpful for couples to complete together before we meet.

You are welcome to choose the less expensive, stand alone Consultation

if all the components of a site assessment are not desired.

Property Assessment

Package Includes:

  • Base map

  • Questionaire

  • Site visit

  • Copy of Site Meeting notes






Base Map – a simple Google map overlay that is not to scale. This gives us a proportional birds-eye view of your home and the land around it. This map can be enlarged or reduced and copied to facilitate design sketches.

Questionnaire – Before our visit I will ask you to fill out a design questionnaire, which will help refine your goals and start the process of clarifying your landscape vision. After reviewing this questionnaire, I will meet with you on your property.

Site Visit – During the visit we will walk and talk together, gathering an evaluation of your property using permaculture principles and strategies. I will help you articulate your vision, determine the short term projects, the long term goals and maybe even your dreams that seem far-fetched.

We will explore what is possible given the energy and resources available and always taking into consideration what the land emulates.

Site Meeting Notes – At the end of our site meeting, I will give you a copy of my site notes and suggestions. If it is appropriate, my site visit may include design sketches, which will be yours as well.

I invite you to create a list of questions for our meeting. You may also record or video the meeting, so you can get the most from it.