Grazing In the Garden- Earth Connection

Have you ever gone out on a winter day and pulled up a muddy carrot? Maybe washed it off and ate it right there? outside, next to where it was growing? OR how about wiping the carrot off on the wet grass and then on your pants before crunching it down? For me, this type of connection to my food and mama earth is what being grounded feels like. Food doesn't get any fresher than this. The enzymes are alive. We have a relationship with the plant where this food came from. .

As much as I support the local farmers markets as cornerstones of a local community., there is nothing like picking the produce you pick yourself. Blessed are those who have the gift of food growing right outside their door. I wish for more people to have this earth to mouth experience. I actually believe it is a crucial connection, something many humans are craving and don't even realize it. This is why I do what I do.