Lessons From The Ladybugs

As I went out to the garden today to do some "clean up", I notice that the ladybugs and spiders were hiding in all the areas I wanted to cut back. What might be "clean up" to me, is doomsday for the insects. The Lady bugs in the Yarrow were numerous. It looked like a photo of an old growth forest taken from a airplane. I wondered what it must be like to be so small.

Inside the huge Purple Osaka plant were so many ladybugs. It was like a ladybug hotel ! Many of them were busy mating! I ponder and look closer.... The Osaka is dominating the strawberry bed and is less desirable than the strawberries, but it is providing habitat for a whole population of aphid eaters. Who gets to have the space? I watched a male ladybug, hanging onto the female as she moved erratically, walking all over. the leaf and then changing direction.. seemingly not going anywhere. He is so devoted and patient, waiting for her to stop and be with him. I think about the men in my life who have been the steady flag pole as I erratically go through my emotions. I remember the times in my life when a man has had the capacity to hang on while i go through my process and be the basket for me to empty myself into. perhaps the best support a man can give me. A feeling of gratitude came over me as I watched the ladybug couples do their thing. I sat there giggling as I receive the teaching.